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Fairchain Coffee Kenya


Fairchain Coffee Kenya offers the best quality organic coffee in the region.


They Grow it, We drink it but ever wonder what happens in between? We do.

Hello There, We are Moyee Social entrepreneurs, Radical Innovators and accessible coffee geeks passionate Guys and Gals determined to be fair. Really fair. And we’re putting our money where our Mouths are. The global coffee chain is broken and we’re gonna fix it one cup at a time. Moyee: The world’s first fairchain coffee that’s radically Good Coffee.

With Radical impact!

Join our revolution and make every sip count.


Here's the story behind your cup of coffee

Circular and Sustainable Coffee from Kericho, Kenya


We’re launching our most ambitious coffee project yet,  a national blueprint for Kenya -  low carbon coffee farming in the Kericho region and we’d love to get you involved.

We’ll be working with 7,500 coffee farmers on low carbon coffee farming turning farm waste into bio-compost, eradicating chemicals and increasing coffee yields and prices. We’re digitising payments and paying farmers more. The project will enable  35,000 people (their families) to make a move beyond poverty, and create much needed rural and urban jobs for women and youth in roasting and composting.   In partnership with KALRO, the Kenyan Coffee Authority,  we hope to scale this programme country-wide. There are 150,000 coffee farmers in Kenya


Roasting more beans in the coffee belt

We roast more beans in the coffee belt so that more jobs, skills and income can stay in local hands.


A living income for coffee farmers

We are on a quest to ensure coffee farming families can earn a living income from their beans. We pay farmers 20% above market prices, provide training, new coffee saplings and digitise our payments to farmers to boost quality, yields and ultimately take home pay.


Regenerative farming practices to rewild habitats

We encourage regenerative agriculture to protect forests and rewild the habitats of the coffee belt.


community projects to help women, girls & youth to thrive

We work with NGO partners on local projects to ensure our farming communities (in particular women and girls) can thrive.


Radical Transparency & Digital Value Chains

We believe in radical transparency and so we’re digitising the value chain for coffee from farmer to cup to show who gets paid what, where pollution is added and to share value fairly between coffee growing and coffee consuming countries. We call this approach FairChain.


Mobilising fans everywhere to fix coffee

The 21st century demands a new set of instructions;

“We stand little chance of writing a new economic story that is fit for our times if we keep falling back on last century’s economic storybooks” Kate Raworth