Why Moyee Coffee

We launched Moyee to radically redesign the way coffee is grown, roasted and distributed. Our ambition is to provide our customers with incredible speciality coffees roasted in the coffee belt so that more jobs, skills and income can stay in local hands. 

We are on a quest to ensure coffee farming families can earn a living income from their beans. We pay farmers 20% above market prices, provide training, new coffee saplings and digitise our payments to farmers to boost quality, yields and ultimately take home pay. 

We work with NGO partners on local projects to ensure our farming communities (in particular women and girls) can thrive. We encourage regenerative agriculture to protect forests and rewild the habitats of the coffee belt.  
We believe in radical transparency and so we’re digitising the value chain for coffee from farmer to cup to show who gets paid what, where pollution is added and to share value fairly between coffee growing and coffee consuming countries.

We call this approach FairChain.